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NYU Bioethics Master’s Program

The NYU Bioethics Master’s Program Invites You to Attend Our


Tuesday, October 15, 2013
5:00-6:30 PM
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This will be a great opportunity for applicants to learn more about the NYU Bioethics Master’s Program and about the applicant process. 

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before:
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Participant guide:

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The case of Sarah Murnaghan

 Sarah Murnagham, an eleven-year-old girl suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, is on the path to recovery after receiving a lung transplant.

Here is what it took to get to this point: 18 months of waiting, a national media campaign rallying against the current organ recipient list policy, a federal judge’s mandate and one failed lung transplant.

            While the happy ending to this story seems to make all the effort worth it, certain aspects of her story have raised important ethical questions, some of which the Rutgers Bioethics Society tackled at its first meeting of the Fall 2013 semester.

Points of discussion:

1.     Is it ethical/prudent to maintain two separate organ donation lists for adults and children under 12?

At the end of the meeting a vote was taken and the majority of attendees supported either completely merging the lists or maintaining the two lists, but cross-listing children under 12.

2.     Should federal judges be making decisions on organ donation policy, or should these policies be left under the control of experts in the medical field?

3.     Is age an adequate proxy for developmental stage and size?

4.     What criteria should be taken into account when determining priority on an organ donation list? Post-transplant life expectancy? Number of dependents? Probability of success? Age?

Votes were taken at the end on various criteria and while the inclusion of many criteria remained controversial, nearly everyone agreed that the probability of success of the surgery should be taken into account when determining a patient’s place on the recipient list.

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“How to Survive a Plague” -A look at the AIDs epidemic with Globe Med and Bioethics

Sponsored by Globe Med and The Bioethics Society

Guest speaker: Suzanne Willard

This Tuesday night, April 23rd, Globe Med and Bioethics society screened “How to Survive a Plague”, an award winning documentary chronicling the lives of HIV+ activists throughout the AIDs epidemic of the 80’s and early 90’s. Focused on the group of intelligent, passionate and brave individuals at the head of the gay rights activism group, ACT UP, the documentary shows what it is like to have to fight what seems the whole world in order to save your own life and the lives of the friends and family you love. TERRIFYING. EMPOWERING. HEARTBREAKING. PAINFUL. EXHAUSTING. MORE FULFILLING THAN ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN IMAGINE.

After the documentary, we sat down with Dr. Suzanne Willard, an expert on the Act Up movement and a Nurse Practitioner with considerable experience in the HIV/AIDs field. As the group members shared their responses to the documentary, Dr. Willard revealed to the audience that she personally knew many of the heroes in the video and had the opportunity to work with them during the trying times witnessed in the documentary. After a few personal remarks, Ms. Willard continued on to lead a discussion on ACT UP, the current state of HIV/AIDs epidemic and sustainable activism.

To find out more information about these topics, check out the links below:

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